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Benkely cleaning and pest control gives you the best, affordable, and timely cleaning services whenever you need them

Benkely Cleaning Services and Pest Control

Benkely cleaning services and pest control is a cleaning company that is dedicated to providing professional cleaning services at an affordable cost and in a timely perspective. We deliver when and what is asked by our clients to make sure we avoid inconveniencing them. Just try out our services by making a call or requesting a quote.

Well cleaned office seats
Let's Make Your Home Beautiful And Attractiful!
Office cleaning

We make your office clean and make sure it is well dusted.

Pest control & fumigation

Let pests not disturb you in your home. Have a happy stay at your home.


Lets clean your surfaces to chase covid away and let you stay safe. You need sanitized surfaces at your workplace

Sofa set cleaning

Don't worry how we are gonna clean your sofas and dust them well. We are trained for that

Carpet cleaning

Need to have your carpets cleaned and maintained? call us.

Post construction

Houses are left with dirt and you need us to make sure the dirt is gone.

Mattress cleaning

Matresses get dirt and you may be not able to clean them by yourself. Just reach out to us.

Carbro cleaning

Your pavements are our task to make sure that the carbros are well clean and maintained.

Why Choose Us

Benkely cleaning and pest control has a primary task of delivering best cleaning services to clients at an affordable cost being certified cleaners

Fastest Work

We deliver at lightening speed

High Skill

All out staff are highly trained cleaners

Clean Work

No need to doubt the work done!

Proper Take Care

We use best cleaning detergents all over.

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Home Delivery
Happy People
Cleaned homes
Cleaned offices

What Our Clients Say

Read and see how we deliver

The booking over the phone was a bit tedious, but the price is ok. The guy was on time and worked fast. Both mattresses were cleaned well. All in all good service was delivered well and timely according to the plan
Nadine Berger
Fashion Designer
The price is okay, communication with the office could have been easier. However, the cleaner was polite and punctual and did a very good job removing the stains from the carpet.
Pascal Haas
Efficient and thorough! The cleaner was a bit late, but he called to warn us in advance, and he managed to finish the job within the planned time. All the carpets were cleaned up to the promised standard.
Robert Berger
Very happy that you managed to save my curtains! The cigarette smell is gone and the fabric looks amazing! Thank you Happy House Cleaning, you are the best!
Carmen Haas
Let's Beautify Your Home Together!

Questions & Answers

We answer the most frequently asked questions to let our clients have basic information about us and about our services in their fingertips.

Our company is certified and our services have been audited to make sure that whatever we offer is legal and it is offered in accordance with the law.

Our services cost is dependent on the area of the work to be done. Sometimes we use the number of rooms to be cleaned and sometimes the total work to be done to calculate the service cost. This makes it dynamic and affordable as negotiation is key.

Yes, Benkely cleaning and Pest Control is a certified cleaning company which has all the necessary requirements and personnel to deliver cleaning services.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House

We make sure that the cleaning done leaves your house comfortable and natural!