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If you have female employees, or if women from other companies visit your premises, you need to provide sanitary waste disposal bins and they should ideally be placed in accessible places such as the W.C. cubicle.

The Duty of Care Act states that any sanitary waste must be managed to the point of disposal. This means that neither you or any of your employees can dispose of the contents of the bins. Only a licenced carrier can do this and a full audit trail of documentation must be available at all times. As previously mentioned failure to comply with this can lead to a large fine or even imprisonment.

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Why do we need to provide sanitary waste disposal?

The Water Industries Act states that sanitary waste which can cause harm to a sewer or drain should not be flushed. As well as having disastrous consequences to the environment, putting sanitary waste into the toilet can result in expensive drain clearing bills.

Sanitary towels and tampons are not biodegradable which means that when they’re flushed, they will pollute the water and waste system and may even end up on beaches. As you can imagine flushing sanitary waste is incredibly bad for the environment and if sanitary bins aren’t provided, the only option for the user is to put them into the toilet.

Finally, The Environmental Act imposes a Duty of Care on organisations that produce, keep or dispose of sanitary waste. This means that providing the right facilities is mandatory.

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